CWG internet videos allow family and child welfare organizations and caseworkers to gain more of an understanding into the assistance and resources offered.

Training Testimonial:

Excerpts from an introductory video on Family Team Conferencing, developed as part of The Child Welfare Group's training and technical assistance for the Community Partnerships for Protecting Children Initiative. The Child Welfare Group has also recently completed a one-hour training video based on film of actual Family Team Conferences facilitated by Child Welfare Group staff and consultants. Both are examples of The Child Welfare Group's growing capacity to develop training videos involving actual practice.

The Salt Lake Tribune - Utah Exits Court Oversight:

A news article announcing the exit of Utah DCFS from federal court oversight. The Child Welfare Group helped design the State's new implementation plan, designed the system's core practice training and served as court monitor to the point of exit.

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The New York Times - Once Woeful, Alabama Is Model in Child Welfare:

Paul Vincent, Child Welfare Group Director, was the Director of Alabama's Child Welfare system when the R. C. settlement was negotiated and led the system through the first six years of reform. A number of key Child Welfare Group staff and consultants worked in the Alabama system during that period and were instrumental in creating the new system of care anticipated by the settlement. Many of the approaches that are characteristic of The Child Welfare Group's technical assistance, such as Family Team Conferences, the "hands-on" coaching for practice development and the qualitative service review process were created in the early days of the Alabama reform. The attached New York Times article describes some of the positive changes that have occurred since the lawsuit was settled.

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Maine Today - Teaching Family Team Conferencing in Maine:

A newspaper article describing The Child Welfare Group's success in assisting Maine's child welfare system in implementing Family Team Conferencing statewide.

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Maine's Foster Care System - Maine Public Broadcasting System

A broadcast special describing the success in reforming Maine's foster care system over the past decade, from the Maine Public Broadcasting System.

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